FFFF was mOb studio’s first friday february fundraiser

it was: Fresh, Filthy, Fluffy, Floozy, Fleecy, Famished, Funky, Freaky, Flammable, Foxy, Fork, Flirty, Firm, Furry, Facemask, Fickle, Flaky, Farcical, Fabricated, Flailing, Flattening, Floating, Flotsam, Fruity, Fearsome, Fenestration, Flying, Final, Fiddling, Floral, Fauna, Fifteen, Finery, Fudge, Freckled, Funk, Freeze-pops, Fungus, Fantastic, Frisky, Furniture, French Fries, Felicitous, Fresh, Frenzied, Fedora, Funny, Fair, Fairy, Fated, Further, Free, Frothy, Feisty, Fulfilling, Fantastic, Fizzy, Fortitude, Fortuitous, Fortunate, Fancy, Fission, Fist, Furtive, Flan, Far-reaching, Flow, Flippant, Fluffy, Fishy, Fracking, Ferocious, Fried

friendsofmOb came out to enjoy drinks, music by Satellite Syndicate, our hooshed work areas and not one but two hunks of cheese from our neighbors down the street, Nick’s Mediterranean Market.

miranda leung took the photos.