MoB+Storefront operates on the belief that good design makes a healthier city where citizens participate more fully in their environment, their government and their culture.

The Storefront for Community Design is Richmond’s non-profit design assistance center, improving the quality of design in the city by facilitating access to design and planning resources.

MoB is a partnership of three design departments of VCUarts, Graphic Design, Fashion Design and Interior Design. These departments operate an innovative design lab that realizes the potential of design to shape the City.

MoB+Storefront is a collaboration of MoB and Storefront that combines the energy, enthusiasm and expertise of VCU students, fellows and faculty with Storefront’s community involvement. Together they design the city from the bike rack to the bungalow to the corner store, from neighborhoods to the river.


spring 2017


the studiO

Mule Whitehead
Kristin Caskey
An “Sledge” Liu
Allison Dodson
Amarise Carreras
Drew (graduate ninja) Sisk
Dana Herrault
Brittany Justice
Boying Chen
Bailey James – Chancellor of Light Studies
Giselle Matz
Katerina Check
Hannah McKalips
Elisa Rudolph
Maren Schwarz
Farrah El Shariff
Maxim Belyaev
Jason Adkins
Steph Schapowal
David Eiker
Talia Levinas
Stephen Bushey
Hannah Carroll
Roya Sodeifi
Amber Kerrigan
Ryan Rinn
Jackie Washington