However, writing down information does not always help,

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Replica Hermes (Free bonus: Carner will join jazz master John D’earth’s class at 3:30pm in room B 12 in Old Cabell Hall.)Nov 15, C’ville Coffee, 8pm, $10Velveteen from velvet seatsWith all the hubbub surrounding the opening of the new cinemaplex along Hydraulic Road, it’s nice to know that there’s still a chance for magical happenings for kids of the live action variety. Downtown’s most luxurious performance site, the Paramount, has invited a touring group called Continue Reading Enchantment Theatre Company to bring to life a classic tale of love and devotion, The Velveteen Rabbit, for a single Friday night musical show with life sized puppets and an original score. (From its velvet seats to its atmospheric architecture, the setting of the Paramount is as magical as the topic, and this show happens at a bedtime friendly hour.)Nov 16, Paramount Theater, 6pm, $8.50 16.50Flower powerThey’re the toast of Lynchburg. Replica Hermes

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